We are committed to offering a fully accessible and inclusive website for all clients and other visitors to our website. As such, the website has been designed with accessibility in mind to ensure users with disabilities benefit from our full range of online services.


The website aims to conform to the following W3C standards:


In addition to the W3C standards, we look to address accessibility within our design in the following ways:

  • Use clear, simple language making the content easy to understand
  • Use an easy to read font size and style
  • Allow users to resize all content across the website using built-in browser zoom tools.
  • Use sufficiently contrasting foreground and background colours
  • Provide meaningful text for all images (alt tags)
  • Pages are coded to reflect the content when styling is removed
  • Ensure all pages will function correctly without requiring JavaScript
  • Ensure all pages can be viewed across a wide variety of browsers and operating systems
  • Colour is not used to convey important information – all pages on this website should be readable regardless of your colour-vision

Browser features

You can change the size of the website content in:

  • Google Chrome – click the wrench icon, then ‘Zoom’, then ‘Larger’ or ‘Smaller’
  • Mozilla Firefox – press ALT, then click ‘View’, then ‘Zoom’, then ‘Zoom In’ or ‘Zoom Out’
  • Internet Explorer – press ALT, then click ‘View’, then ‘Zoom’, then ‘Zoom In’ or ‘Zoom Out’

Keyboard access

It should be possible to access any part of the website (including forms) using just the keyboard. However, if you have any problems with this please contact us and let us know. Please provide information about the web browser and operating system you are using as this information will be a big help to us in resolving the problem.

Additionally, most browsers support jumping to specific links by pressing keys defined by the website. These are known as ‘Access Keys’ and are activated in various ways depending on your browser and operating system. Here are the shortcuts for some common browsers (for other browsers and older browser versions please check your browser’s documentation):

  • Google Chrome: ALT + [key]
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows): ALT + SHIFT + [key]
  • Internet Explorer (Windows): ALT + [key], then press ENTER
  • Safari (Apple Mac): CTRL + [key]
  • Opera: Shift + Esc, then select page from menu
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