Case study: MSA Latchways

MSA Latchways

MSA Latchways is a UK-based fall protection company represented worldwide by a network of regulated installers.

The nature of the fall protection industry – which produces systems and solutions to enable people to work safely at height across a wide range of buildings, towers, bridges and structures – means that clear and unambiguous communication is essential.

The marketing and engineering documents produced by the company for its installers and clients is highly technical and specialised, and has to be translated into the language of each country in which the products are used.

Eve Webb, Executive Assistant to COO Gavin Duff, says the company is delighted that it chose Syntacta to manage and deliver its translations.

“Our products are complex, and very technical, so Syntacta managers and translators were very happy to come into our head office and learn all about them,” said Eve.

“They took the time to run through the specifications of all the products, handle them, and understand exactly how they worked, which has really made all the difference.

“It was very important that the technical details were translated exactly, and they were so meticulous about getting hands-on experience that we were confident that what we were saying in English would be faithfully translated into other languages.

“Syntacta translate a huge number of languages for us, from Dutch to Chinese, and we know by now that we can trust the quality of their translations.

“We deal with dedicated contacts at Syntacta who are always on hand, respond very quickly, and always meet our timescales. They are an integral part of the Latchways team.”

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