Case study: Michael Tristram Design

michael tristram design

Michael Tristram Design Limited is a graphic design agency producing a wide range of communication material to support the pharmaceutical industry, from instruction guides and patient information leaflets to websites and application interfaces.

Material is translated into up to 28 languages, drawing on a library of specialist terminology that Syntacta has built up over the years working with Michael Tristram Design.

Michael Tristram says: “The people Syntacta use to translate for us actually live in the relevant country, are all educated to degree level, and all have a very strong medical background. The text is full of potential complications, as different countries describe conditions or use terminology in different ways, but because our material is always translated by native speakers who are “on the ground” we are always confident that the translation is both accurate and appropriate.

“There was one particularly difficult PDF to be translated into Russian, but Syntacta handled the various tiers of people involved in translation and approval very well. We had really good feedback from our pharmaceutical client on that. Syntacta are absolutely meticulous with every piece of work, and check everything.

“Syntacta are incredibly easy to work with, and it doesn’t matter who you speak to there, they all know exactly what’s going on.”

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