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Does your whole document need to be translated or just parts of it?

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Who will be reading the document? What is your target market and which languages will you need to have it translated into?

In-house terminology...

Are there any aspects specific to your businesses which require your own in-house terminology? If so, should they be translated or should they remain in English? Do you have a glossary or a translation memory?

Cultural metaphors and idioms...

Does the document contain any cultural metaphors or idioms, which may not have a direct equivalent in the foreign language?


Plan ahead. Translation is a skill which often involves a lot of research and sifting through specialist dictionaries and glossaries. So that you get the best results, we prefer not to rush it.

Style is important...

Let us know if you have a preferred style for your translation. This can, of course, vary from person to person, but we will always aim to follow any guidelines provided.

Finalise your text before starting...

We realise that sometimes we need to allow time for a translator to incorporate authors' amendments, but it can be more time consuming and expensive to rewrite a text after it has been translated. However, if the deadline is tight we'll always make a special effort to meet your requirements.

What is the translation for?

Tell us whether the translation is for a brochure, a website, or other types of publication. This will help us to give the translation maximum impact and to target a particular audience.


Resist the temptation to do it yourself or use an internet translation system.

Using a professional translator will ensure that your message is accurately delivered using the tone, style and terminology that are best suited to your audience. Even if you can speak French, German or Spanish for example, your native language is always likely to influence the way you write in a foreign language.

Even our professional translators will only ever translate into their native language, thus avoiding the pitfalls of writing in a language of which they are not a native speaker.